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The Nova Holistic Centre is staffed by expert Practitioners and Therapists whose primary goal is to naturally nurture your body, mind & spirit in order to assist you in maintaining optimum health. Please phone 488-4576 to arrange an appointment. 

To fulfill our mission, the Nova Holistic Centre currently provides the following services:



Experiencing a Reiki Session

A Reiki treatment usually lasts sixty minutes. The Reiki practitioner places his/her hands gently and passively on different locations on the body, usually beginning at the head. Each position is held for at least five minutes. Reiki is different from traditional massage because the person remains clothed. Unlike massage, Reiki does not require any form of manipulation of tissue or muscle so the hands remain still. Reiki will even flow through a plaster cast. It is common for the person being treated to experience sensations such as warmth or tingling flowing from the Reiki practitioner's hands. Most people report entering a very deep state of relaxation. Those familiar with meditation say they enter a deep meditative state. The mind calms, the breathing slows down, and a feeling of well-being and centeredness and a better sense of perspective is attained. By receiving a one-hour session of Reiki, one physiologically attains many of the benefits equivalent to three to four hours sleep, such as increased oxygen supply to the blood and cells. This clinical observation, combined with the meditative state, makes Reiki a most effective natural stress reliever. Regular use of Reiki leads to an increase in general vitality and well-being and a sense of inner peace. It greatly accelerates and promotes the healing process and regeneration of tissue, and is capable of improving the quality of one's life to an amazing degree.

Benefits of Reiki Treatment

bulletSupports the body's natural ability to heal itself
bulletVitalizes both the body and soul
bulletBalances the organs and glands and their bodily functions
bulletRe-establishes equilibrium and mental well being
bulletPromotes creativity
bulletBalances the body's energies
bulletTreats symptoms and causes of illnesses
bulletLoosens up blocked energy and promotes a state of total relaxation
bulletRelieves pain
bulletCleanses the body of toxins
bulletStrengthens the immune system
bulletEnhances personal awareness and strengthens intuition
bulletEnhances meditation

Therapist  Laura Carroll

Hypnotherapy: An ancient art of communicating with the Unconscious Mind. The Hypnotherapist assists the individual to enter into a dream-like state. For centuries, human kind has been using altered states of consciousness to assist in bringing healing and balance to the Body, Mind & Spirit. It is in this experience that the Unconscious Mind releases limiting beliefs, habits and emotions. Hypnotherapy is a highly effective way to create deep long term change. This is a very empowering process, and since all learning, all behavior and all change is unconscious, and the mind & body affect each other, hypnotherapy has been very successful with a wide variety of health and emotional issues. Some benefits of hypnotherapy include increased motivation, a healthier flow of energy, greater confidence and self-esteem, smoking cessation, weight loss, habit control, as well as the resolution of deep psychological issues among others. Therapists Cathy Hamilton, & John Tozeland  See our Hypnotherapy Brochure

 Workshops for learning Hypnotherapy are also available. Contact John Tozeland

Parenting & Child Therapy: Raising children in this complex society is a creative challenge that most parents face today. Many children and adolescents experience difficulty as they navigate the world of school, family and community. Cathy Hamilton is a highly skilled, experienced therapist who can effectively assist parents and children through these transitions.  Using Play Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Brief Therapy, Cathy works with the conscious and unconscious minds to assist the changes to take place. Therapist Cathy Hamilton


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